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Remind me never to piss off another colony of giant spiders alright?

Mainly since they bite very hard when they want to and aren't exactly friendly.


((OOC: Explaination for this is leo wandered off to explore around again, pretty much on guard since Mikey was getting cranky since everyone was semi laid back, but he now gets the right to say I told ya so now ;) Poor leo))


Mar. 11th, 2007

.... can anyone help me find my wedding ring? I lost it when I was in the libary/Infirmy, So far I've looked around and haven't found it yet...

Its a gold ring with a string tied around it so I can wear it around my neck.

Inscribed in the inside is L&D with a really scratchy heart around it.

If any of you guys find it can you tell me?
I'm going to need an advil...

... spiders..

A colony of giant spiders...
((As a joke warning even if it messes with the femleo time line a little, I'm giving her her chocolate fetish, aka her urge to eat it thanks to her baby wanting it. She still blames her son in femleo cannon for it too))

Okay I've found chocolate now I am happy for the moment. God I love chocolate...

Things are going decently, I've met a woman named kitty, so far she seems nice, she's also a fellow newyorker. Good to find someone else who's not a turtle and from newyork.

I wonder if there are any other girls on board this thing besides kitty and myself.


I found a room to stay in, its nice. Has a veiw over looking that planet under this stupid place, the planet is amazing looking even if it looks like tiny explosions happening on its weird green surface.

... it has a purple atmosphere...

I wonder how donny is doing with Aruna at the moment? Do they even miss me?


Oh god I sound so mushy, I've been taken away from my family before I can last this until I see them again. I'll make up for all the lost time, give my baby girl a present when I return, donny one as well.

For now I just have to focus on everything going on today not the future.

Maybe I'll clean my katana's again


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